Selling Your Practice To Greencross vets

Selling Your Practice

Greencross has flexible acquisition models designed to suit the varying needs of practice owners contemplating succession anytime during the next 12 months to 5 years. Our offers represent fair value for your business and 
are always 100% cash. 

Once the offer price has been agreed, the Greencross acquisitions team designs an integration process that suits you and your team.

To have a confidential chat or to organise a meeting, please contact Nick Ford, on 0426 228 001 or email him at


  1. Personal introduction with GM of Acquisitions
  2. Discuss your veterinary hospital history, current operations and market place environment
  3. Complete the valuation process
  4. Receive a formal offer and agree to a price
  5. Enter into contract
  6. Your payment is arranged
  7. Integration commences


My business partner and I built a successful two clinic practice. He was looking to retire and I was burning the candle at both ends and couldn’t imagine how I was going to continue without him. And then I met with Greencross. Within weeks of settlement, the Greencross Support Office took over the back-end business responsibilities so that I could concentrate on patient and client care. There is no looking back – I’m proud to be in the Greencross Vets Family.