Joining Greencross Vets

Mutual Partnerships

Greencross Ltd has created a mutual partnership option for practice owners that prefer to retain their 
independence and remain partially financially vested in their current practice. The mutual partnership 
option provides you with the freedom to run your own practice while accessing the business support and vast network within the Greencross family. 

Simply put, Greencross take care of the administrative functions and Partners take care of developing 
the practice and making clinical decisions. Rest assured, you will still receive the security and 
camaraderie of like-minded people throughout Greencross.

The mutual partnership model allows you to unlock capital whilst retaining a partnership with Greencross.

To have a confidential chat or organise a meeting, please contact Greencross GM of Partnerships, Dr Tony Goldstone on 07 3435 3553 or email him at


  1. Personal introduction with GM of Partnerships
  2. Discuss your veterinary hospital history, current operations and market place environment
  3. Complete the valuation process
  4. Agree the partnership level
  5. Receive a formal offer and agree to a price and enter into a contract
  6. Your payment is arranged
  7. Integration commences


Dr Hugh Toowoomba

I was looking at retiring in about 5 years and didn't have a clear succession plan for exiting my two clinics. I met with Greencross and together we outlined a partnership model that I was comfortable with for my clients and also financially. This led to a retirement path and with a few years left, I am confident that my clients are in good hands with Greencross.