Greencross Vets - Business Associates

Greencross Business Associates

Greencross Vets offer a Business Associate (BA) program that enables Veterinarians and Practice Managers to share in the financial success of their clinic. The BA program allows key employees to invest into their clinic and share in the profits. To date, the BA program has provided substantial wealth creation for the Vets and Practice Managers involved. 

The level of investment is tailored to each individual’s needs and reflective of the current position of the clinic. 

All Veterinarians and Practice Managers that are in the Greencross Group are invited to partake in the BA program. 


  1. Register your expression of interest
  2. Meeting with your Group Area Manager (GAM) to discuss the BA program
  3. Meeting with GM of Operations to confirm your intention to proceed
  4. Seek professional third party advice
  5. Sign BA contract and commence participation


The Greencross support team sets us apart from other practices. Our area manager is our mentor; she gives us the support and business expertise to help us run our practice, and the HR and IT departments handle the day-to-day things that get in the way of being a great vet.