Joining Greencross Vets

The Greencross Difference

Greencross was founded by like-minded veterinary surgeons wishing to improve the veterinary workplace for our teams, with a desire to deliver high quality companion animal medicine and surgery for pet owners.

Greencross understands that each veterinary practice is a local business and must be staffed by local veterinarians and veterinary nurses. The local clinic leaders are supported by the aptly named, ‘Greencross Support Office.’ This highly capable team supports the family of Greencross veterinary practices and industry related businesses throughout Australia. 

The Greencross Vets Support Office removes the day-to-day stress and worries of running a business. Because Greencross was created by vets and for vets, we understand that you became a veterinarian because you wanted to care for animals. 
The worries and concerns of payroll, staff education, recruitment, IT and marketing are virtually removed by the dedicated professionals within the Greencross Support Office. This infrastructure allows veterinarians to concentrate on what they trained to do; provide the highest veterinary care and standards for pets.


Running a small independent practice is all-consuming. Greencross provides you with the time and freedom to enjoy other aspects of your life and to keep your independence.


It is not always easy to recruit someone who will be able to take over the reins in the future. Leave your practice in safe hands after you retire, and continue to be involved as long as you like.


In the current economic climate, it can be very challenging for practices to raise bank funding for future developments. The support from Australia’s largest veterinary group provides you with a solid financial backing and access to funding.


Vets become vets because they love to care for animals. The Greencross model gives veterinarians the time and resources to focus on veterinary care.


Being a vet in a small practice can feel isolating. Access to a nationwide community of like-minded people coupled with a pool of resources and knowledge is anything but lonely.


Greencross have created and refined a successful business model over the last 20 years. We are proud to be listed in the ASX top 300 companies in Australia.

Greencross clients are confident that we will always make the best decision for their pet because we are led by vets and not accountants. Greencross choose the best diagnostic tools, treatments and preventative measures based on clinical excellence. We appreciate that every clinic does not have unlimited resources, however, our network provides access to the very best in veterinary care. 

Every vet within our group is responsible for his or her own clinical decisions because he or she knows the pet and owner which makes them best placed to decide on its care. Greencross are part of a community of vets who enjoy sharing their knowledge and clinical expertise. Complex cases can be discussed with our centres of excellence, where we have the most advanced equipment and nationally recognised teams of specialist vets. Finally, there’s our Vet Advisory Board (VAB) that leads our clinical practice and maintains our high standards consistently across the group.

The VAB consists of a group of senior veterinarians that ratify all clinical decisions around products and services that are offered throughout Greencross. Every member of the clinical board is a practising vet from within the group, ensuring that we consistently make current best practice our top priority.

The Greencross Support Office provides the ‘back-end’ business support to allow veterinarians and nurses to focus on delivering veterinary excellence to clients and patients. You receive direct access to every qualified professional in Support Office. As part of the Greencross group, you will receive support from the following departments:

Human Resources

This department provides all aspects of Human Resources (HR) support including recruiting new team members and ongoing support to ensure that the correct candidates are recruited, trained and retained to provide you with the best possible team for your practice. The team provides you with employment packages, employee relations, company policies and employment guidelines. And the HR department is always available via phone or email to provide advice and support whenever you may need it.

Education and Training 

Ongoing personal education and staff training is an important part of growing every practice. The Education & Training department provide career development training to the entire Greencross network and facilitate tailored training programs for your individual practice and your staff. This includes a range of skills and 
topics from clinical workshops, customer care and computer skills through to business management and marketing courses. In addition, the department has a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) partner to provide Cert II in Animal Studies, Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing and a Diploma in Management.

Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) department develops and maintains all IT infrastructures that you need to function and to streamline practice administration for quality customer service. Systems support is provided for your RxWorks practice management software which helps you to run an efficient practice.


The Finance department supports your financial and accounting needs including monthly accounts, tax, payroll and Business Activity Statements (BAS). The team is available to you for financial advice and support on fixed asset investments to ensure that you are always purchasing in the best interest of your business to maximise growth, value and profitability.


The Marketing department provides both local and national support to develop effective, professional and brand building campaigns that educate clients about the importance of preventative veterinary care. You will have access to five national yearly campaigns that consistently result in increased revenue, and you will be given exclusive access to our national wellness program, Healthy Pets Plus, that enables veterinarians and nurses to provide preventative care for your patients at a price that your clients can afford. Additionally, all of your patient reminders are centrally managed as well as your online presence.


The Operations department are focused on supporting you to manage your business more effectively and capitalise on commercial opportunities. Each practice has their own dedicated Group Area Manager to give you advice and support on everything you need to achieve the goals you set yourself, from sales and profit performance, to managing operational efficiencies.

Greencross have developed a number of wealth creation options to suit your current and future needs. Whether you currently own your own practice or you are a qualified veterinarian looking to make the next move, there is an option to suit you. These opportunities are broken into the following categories that 
can be reviewed in detail in the corresponding pages:

Current Practice Owners:

Veterinary Associates